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About Us

Welcome to Eva Kids

The most valuable investment that the parents can make in their life is the right selection of a preschool for the overall development of their child as this is the initial stage of learning.

“Eva Kids” pre school has proved itself from last 4 years as a partner in the optimum growth and development of the child as a part of the family and ultimately as a member of the society. The purpose of education at Eva Kids is to transform the inborn capabilities into an actuality. The creative energies of the children through dance, drama, music, art, printing, activities, games, sports, outings, celebrations, explorations, declaration contests etc. find manifestation and help to develop their hidden talent. The expertise team at Eva Kids is working day and night to keep pace with the rhythm of the fast changing time and changing environment by doing innovative research on curriculum designing, parenting guidelines, upholding innovations and being ever ready to give new inputs wherever necessary.

What We Bring

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Our Motto

Our Motto

To help growing minds grow in a child-friendly habitat for the comprehensive progress of a child.

To bestow the children with a strong foundation for comprehensive, intellectual, social, physical and spiritual development.

Ms. Preeti Tomar
- Director -

Our Dedicated Team

We have an excellent management team and dedicated teachers who understand students' problems and always provide them with a helping hand. Teachers explain everything with examples and make every concept so interesting to learn for students. They cover each topic in detail and give their full attention in class. Learning process includes a lot of hands on activities and real time experiences. Students love to attend the school as the atmosphere is very friendly and positive.

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